Sustainability in print and beyond at EcoPrint

The Ricoh stand at EcoPrint showcased our extensive range of Eco Solutions and Services across the whole enterprise

The recent EcoPrint event, in Berlin, focused on sustainable printing, confirmed for us at Ricoh that the environmental agenda has moved on from whether to act to how to act – if to when. Ricoh felt it was important to have a major presence throughout the show, where we were among the speakers and panellists during the conference programme and prominent among the exhibitors on the show floor.

We met a broad spread of visitors with whom we were able to share how they can each combine a sustainable approach with a profitable business. Many visitors came to learn, and it was good to see that the conference programme speaker sessions were very well attended and encouraged good interactive debate. Brands, print service providers, industry partners, vendors, academia and consultants all contributed to a lively programme that really drove home the urgency that applies to print as well as other industries to address and adapt to intensifying environmental pressures.

Graham Moore, Ricoh PPBG Marketing Director, talks to Graphics Display World at EcoPrint

EcoPrint was a significant opportunity for us. Because at Ricoh we feel a powerful responsibility as we achieve leadership status to inspire and support our industry and customers to become more sustainable,  fundamentally underpinning which is our Reduce, Recycle and Reuse approach to resource conservation which we shared at EcoPrint.

The show confirmed that there is considerable interest in Ricoh’s environmental journey which is about long-standing commitment to reducing our impacts, coupled with developing a range of technologies and services with the lowest possible carbon footprint. In addition, today our responsibilities reach far beyond our own sites to those of our clients, where we provide a range of services that have been specifically designed to help them and their own clients minimise their environmental impacts.

The Ricoh Pro L4000 latex large format printer attracted alot of interest

There was tremendous interest in our new Pro L4000 large format printer, with aqueous latex ink,and our GreenLine remanufacturing initiative and Carbon Balanced Printing Programme really captured people’s imagination too. The new carbon calculator tool that is available exclusively through our Business Driver Programme for our clients was demonstrated time and again to print service providers, eager to see how they can calculate and minimise the CO2 output from their production.

All in all, EcoPrint proved to be a very worthwhile platform and focal point for the vital issue of sustainability in print and beyond.

To keep up to date with Ricoh’s Sustainability Initiatives see our new Print and Beyond Insights:


Graham Moore

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